About Us

Our Mission

This autism apparel line is dedicated to individuals and families touched by autism spectrum disorder. Driven by my passion as a mother with a daughter living with autism, I wanted to create an apparel line to build awareness and support around autism. I want another parent or loved one to see another individual wearing one of our shirts and feel a sense of community and support. I want to see more people become a part of the movement. I want community ambassadors talking about inclusion for these incredible individuals.

Through our apparel, please join the mission to break stereotypes and shine a light on autism. Join our mission in advocating for autism awareness, inclusion and acceptance.

We donate 10% of sales to an autism foundation supporting individuals with with an autism spectrum disorder.

To read more on how this apparel line started, check out our blog post here - https://theinclusionproject.me/blogs/news/this-autism-apparel-line-was-made-from-both-passion-and-fear.

The Inclusion Project is based in Winnipeg, MB Canada. Made by a mom fuelled by passion on autism spectrum disorder.

The Puzzle Piece Reference

We recognize that there may be individuals with autism or families that are not in support of the puzzle piece to symbolize autism. The puzzle piece has referenced autism in a way of "finding the missing piece". We do not use the puzzle piece to symbolize this. We do not feel like that there is a "missing piece" to individuals with autism. 

Instead, we use the puzzle piece from an awareness perspective. To open conversations, to bridge the gaps in misconceptions.

The Warrior Mama Term

We use the Warrior Mama reference in our clothing for the moms that fight so hard for services and inclusion for their kids. In no way is the "warrior mama" term used as a war against autism or to "fix" autism. It is solely a representation of the mothers who tirelessly work to fight for their kids. We want to celebrate these moms for their efforts for their children and the autism community.